Financial Report 2006-2008

Novembro 11 2008, :
In May 2008, Clitoraid celebrated its 2nd anniversary :-) it’s our pleasure to present to you a statement of our financial operations after two years of activity.

From May 2006 to July 2008, we have raised a total of $119,759.71
You can see the origin of the donations in the following table. (This following report is adjusted to US dollars).

Country - Total
USA - $ 28,051.31
Canada - $ 27,159.87
Italy - $ 23,150.54
Switzerland - $ 18,454.38
France - $ 6,993.42
Korea - $ 6,925.83
Japan - $ 2,388.31
Australia - $ 1,264.06
Others - $ 5,509.46
Total - $119,897.27

These donations were either sent directly to our website through Paypal or were the result of fundraisers organized by volunteers in their communities.
The board elected to sponsor six operations. Banemanie and Fahir from Burkina Faso (Fahir is the lovely girl with the yellow scarf on her head in our logo), Dete from Ivory Coast who is now our spokesperson in this country, and three other young girls in Europe who prefer to stay anonymous. Their operation was performed by a French surgeon in Paris and one patient was taken as an opportunity to train Dr. Bowers, the first doctor to volunteer to help us in Burkina.

Here is a summary of our expenses:
6 Operations $18,697.72
($ 539 in Burkina Faso and $ 18 158,72 in Europe.)

Note: Dr Bowers paid her fare and accommodation; this money was used only to pay the French surgeon’ clinic and help the young girl to travel to the location of the operation.

Pleasure Hospital $15,640.00
Lawyer $10,968.40
Fundraising $ 1,600.00
Website $ 859.78
Government $ 478.31
Others $ 34.00

Total $ 48,278.21

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $200,000.00 as soon as possible in order to finish the building of the hospital and start the real operations! We are counting on YOU!