'Adopt a Clitoris' Birthday Party Fundraising in Italy

Janeiro 25 2013, : Clitoraid NEWS
Clitoraid is in its last leg of fundraising in order to open its hospital in West Africa this coming October and volunteers of the Clitoraid team around the world are finding more and more creative ways to raise funds, like Vittorio Vegni in Northern Italy.

In his Jan 11th birthday invitation, he asked the guests not to bring him gifts but rather to buy one or more "clitoraid Lottery Ticket" once they arrived at the party. The challenge? To guess how many buttons were in a vase. The prize? A big basket of Italian delicacies! That's the Italian way!!

Guests were asked to come dressed as a character or a person they liked and Vittorio chose to dress as Tarzan!
Well, a big congratulations to our fun party host! His guests bought enough lottery tickets to raise $300 for Clitoraid!!! As for the winner of the appetizing basket... it will not be revealed until Jan 31.

Tanti auguri and complimenti a te, Vittorio!!! We hope your idea will spark other creative fundraising ideas to allow the 400 FGM patients on our Burkina Faso waiting list to have their wish come true: their clitoris back thanks to Clitoraid's surgery.