FGM Zero Tolerance Day 2016 celebrated at Clitoraid's Pleasure Hospital in Burkina Faso

Fevereiro 15 2016, : Clitoraid NEWS
Abi Sanon, Clitoraid leader in Africa, reports:

The International celebration around Zero Tolerance for FGM is also dedicated to pleasure and our discussion at the Kamkaso 'Pleasure' Hospital from 9 to 11h30 involved the men in our community, to invite them to voice their opinion on the subject and be more active in our fight against FGM.

A group of about 30 people, men and women alike, participated in the talk. We began with information about FGM, its definition, the different types of excision, where this barbaric tradition is practiced in the world, its consequences, the history of the construction of Kamkaso's medical facility.

Then, we discussed the surgery aiming to restore the clitoris and spoke about the NGO that supports this humanitarian endeavor: AFVE/Clitoraid and its activism. The delay in the opening of our hospital was also brought forth.
During the discussion we realized that the participants lacked information on these different subject and how important it was to bring them the correct information, and try to educate them better. We encouraged everyone to become more involved in the fight against FGM and to bring this awareness to their community. We were clear in our message that mutilating the genitals of little girls and women violates their right and their dignity. We added that it applied to the mutilation of little boys' penises during circumcision.

We ended our conversation by inviting everyone to actively promote the opening of the Pleasure Hospital for the happiness of the long list of patients who are patiently awaiting their clitoral restoration surgery.

Clitoraid at "Fairy Tales" Fair in Belgium

Novembro 23 2013, : Clitoraid NEWS
On Nov. 9 & 10, The Belgium Clitoraid team participated on the Fairy Tales Fair in Hasselt, Belgium. Monica Marcucci, responsible for the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium who organized the event recalls:

"We really enjoyed to have our stand surrounded by elves, fairies and dragons which the theme of the fair... The purpose of our team was to bring awareness to the plight of FGM victims and to inform people about Clitoraid’s actions. We distributed 2000 leaflets, while selling Belgian pralines in a “1€ for charity” campaign so that we could raise funds for allowing mutilated women to receive free clitoris restoration surgeries.

As responsible, I had an interview with the organizers of the fair that will go online to promote the event. Furthermore, Clitoraid’s stand was honored to receive the visit of the Belgian Welterweight professional boxer “Sugar Jackson”, of Ghanaian descent, who appeared very touched by the FGM problem.

All our gratitude goes to the organizers Nicole Martens and Rudy Verhaegen for their support, sponsoring and help, by having us as habitual guests at their fairs. The next appointment is planned for Antwerp on 22/23rd of February 2014."

Successful Clitoraid fundraising at the Fort Lauderdale Adult Expo

Junho 17 2013, : Clitoraid NEWS
For the sixth year in a row, the Miami Clitoraid team was honored to be given a free table at the Exxxotica Porn show on June 1-2 giving them the opportunity to raise money for Clitoraid. This year the show had moved from North Miami Beach, FL to the north in the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center which drew on a fresh new crowd for our cause.

This time, the Florida team was joined by Fenda, a young African woman from Senegal who suffered from the FGM as a child and who had recently reached Clitoraid to have her Clitoral Restoration Surgery one day. Her presence in the booth was very moving to everyone in the team of course, and to all those with whom she kindly shared her story.

Raquel Vergara, the Miami Clitoraid leader, cheered everyone with her bubbly personality and dazzled the crowd with her sexy, sassy outfits! She had once again baked her famous homemade 'chocolate pussies' which were sold in no time to the many visitors who felt compassion for the plight of FGM victims. This candy will help buy the medical equipment necessary for our 'Pleasure' hospital.

In the booth, our team had dressed a poster board of Obama with an 'adopt a clitoris' Tshirt because our president must without a doubt be personally touched by the horrors of FGM. Indeed, more than 80% of the Kenyan women have had their clitoris mutilated and most likely, his 91 year old grand-mother, Sarah Onyango Obama is herself, an FGM victim.

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