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15 Mai 2017

LAS VEGAS, May 15 – ​​Clitoraid's two​-​week humanitarian ​surgical ​mission held during Clitoris Awareness month in Nairobi, Kenya ended on May 12 ​as ​45 FGM survivors saw their clitoris and dignity restored.

Dr Bowers, Clitoraid's head surgeon based in San Francisco, US​A, ​trained 16 local Kenyan doctors and calls the mission a beacon of hope for the horn of Africa where millions of FGM victims reside.

​Spiritual leader ​Maitreya Rael who ins​pired the creation of Clitoraid states that "Femininity is the future of humanity"​. ​ Clitoraid strongly contributes to women's empowerment, a sentiment shared by all of our Kenyan patients.

"As soon as women heard that such surgery was being offered in Nairobi, they crowded from early dawn outside and into the waiting rooms of Karen and Mama Lucy hospitals where the mission co-sponsored by Kenyan NGO Garana (Project Pink Plus) was taking place." explains Nadine Gary, spokesperson for Clitoraid

Women also wrote to Clitoraid from countries as far as Nigeria and Sierra Leone, begging us to come to their country.

Dr Lalla Malika Issoufou Mahamadou, first lady of Niger voiced her wish of hosting a Clitoraid surgical mission in her country.

The Kenya mission comprised patients ranging from age 8 to 64.

"Clitoral restorative surgery is not appropriate for children but this 8 years old girl was brought to the hospital suffering from genital mutilation and severe sexual abuse which required intensive genital reconstructive surgery." explains Gary "Dr. Bowers and Dr. Abdullahi immediately alleviated her suffering with their surgical pelvic expertise".

Gary says that women are utterly fed up with this tradition. "Everyone of the desperate women who came for surgery overwhelmingly agreed. This gruesome practice cuts through their body, their marriage, their whole lives".

Most of the patients who underwent the procedure during the past two week complained of broken marriages due to their genital mutilation.

This mission presented a formidable healing opportunity for all the patients not only in their genitals but in their whole beings.

"At the recovery place reserved for them after their surgery, the patients were able to open up about the infamous day of their cutting with other victims. For many, it was the first time in their lives. They spoke about the pain, the anger, the despair, the resentment, the sexual frustrations, the marriage break ups, their sexual fantasies. They laughed, they cried together in a tremendous group healing." says Gary.

Some patients created a blog chat group to keep in touch during the healing process and to support each other in the future.

The recovery takes about 3 months, after which specific clitoral physical therapy will begin under the professional guidance of Dr. Esho and Raelian Guide Clemence Linard, clinical sexologists who have counseled the patients thus far.

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